We build hands-off growth systems for B2B founders

Find the perfect offer, automate your lead acquisition, & solve your project management woes—all while scaling your B2B business to 8 figures.

A better way to build ops

Agencies are slow, expensive, & require large commitments upfront. Hiring in-house involves similar problems. We take a different approach: a COO-level expert (Kole) on an unlimited subscription to give you the ops you need for less.


Pause anytime

The best systems are built in short bursts, not long cycles. Don't pay for a 4 mo+ agency retainer—get what you need with us & pause or cancel at anytime.


No bloat

We send you async project updates in Slack, and offer weekly ops consultations for discussions or brainstorming. We'll also revise systems until you're 100% satisfied.


Results twice as fast

We can start as early as tomorrow. You'll hop on a thirty minute onboarding call to share credentials and get set up on our PM system, and then we'll get to work.

What our clients get

Lead generation

Scalable, affordable outbound & marketing systems to grow your company on autopilot.

Project management

Bespoke project management systems used by 8-figure agencies & SaaS companies.

Hiring systems

Automated processes that source, contact, and evaluate candidates for you.

AI service fulfillment

AI that automates key steps in your fulfillment process to reduce payroll.

CRM buildouts

Sales systems to track, iterate, and scale growth just like an 8-figure company.

SOPs & consultation

We'll help clarify your offer, show you what 8-figure companies are doing, and build you a library of SOPs.


Your investment



  1. Unlimited requests
  2. Unlimited users
  3. Pause or cancel anytime



  1. Unlimited requests
  2. Unlimited users
  3. Pause or cancel anytime


Custom - For one-off needs, contact sales.

  1. Documentation with every project
  2. 45-minute project consultation
  3. Discounted subscription transition


Hiring a skilled COO takes months and costs *a ton* (average $121,000/yr). You’re also on the hook for benefits + severance, and there’s no guarantee they’ll deliver what you want them to. Subscription models like ours are simply quantitatively & qualitatively better for the vast majority of companies under $3M/yr: you pay less, get results faster, and can pause or cancel your arrangement any time.

When you consider payroll, benefits, severance, and the opportunity cost of hiring, our service is ~30% of hiring in-house and ~70% of hiring an agency. You also get access to two world-class ops executives who have helped scale several 8-figure companies, as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee + the ability to pause or cancel anytime.

When you click one of the payment options above, you’ll be taken to a Stripe Checkout page. After you pay, we’ll automatically create a subscription for you that renews on the same day every month. You can cancel or pause at any time.

Our project management flow includes a simple way to request changes or revisions after a delivery. If you’re not completely satisfied with the systems you receive (think sales, hiring, onboarding, etc), you’d simply leave a comment and we’d continue revising your deliverable until you are.

After your thirty minute onboarding call, you’ll receive access to your own ClickUp board, where you can view and manage ongoing projects. To create a request, you merely click the + button on your board and add the task to our queue directly.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your service, we’ll keep working for free until you are.

You can submit an unlimited number of requests. Most clients often have 10-15 in the queue at any one time, and their board acts as a to-do list. Our team works on one at a time (prioritized by you), and our average turnaround time on a system deliverable is between 1-4 days. The moment we’re done, we get to work on the next. In this way, we often deliver 10+ systems per month (whereas an in-house hire might deliver one or two).

Vast majority of our comms are async, through Slack and ClickUp. Minimizing call-time provides much more flexibility, allowing us to deliver more projects and higher quality services. That said, we offer an optional weekly ops consultation to discuss bottlenecks, prioritize, and track progress.

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